"BODY" by The Brittany B.

"BODY" by The Brittany B.

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite IG models got their perfect hourglass figure? Are you considering having surgery but want to know what the process is really like?

One of the biggest concerns people have with getting work done is who is the best of the best and how much do they charge. And while cost is a huge factor for most people, it's not the only thing you should consider before going under the knife.

In my new tell all e-book, Body by The Brittany B., I'm answering every question anyone has ever asked me about my surgeries, from who to how much. I'm spilling the tea on the BEST in the business from doctors to surgical centers to recovery homes to fajas & that's not all.

In my book, I'm sharing the details on EVERYTHING I've ever had done to my body, including before and after pics, who performed each surgery, when and where they were performed & exactly what I paid for my services. Get the tea on all of my surgery "secrets".

This book is a blueprint for getting you the BODY you desire.


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